Order of OT books

Here is a mnemonic for the Old Testament sequence of books. It is set in a zoo run by Keeper Chris. The animals in the zoo get smaller and smaller and lower and lower. The minor prophets are hung on a phonetic clock.

Giant Genesis
Elephants Exodus
Long Leviticus
Jungle Joshua
Juice Judges
Right Ruth
Said 1 and 2 Samuel
Keeper1 and 2 Kings
Chris1 and 2 Chronicles
Zebras Ezra
Eat Esther
Jam Job
Some Psalms
ScrapsSong of songs
Just Jeremiah
Eating Ezekiel
Dung Beetles Daniel

The minor prophets are hung on the shape of numbers

1 hosepipe Hosea ( hose)

2 Swan Joel

3 Mountain Amos ( moss)

4 Boat with a sail Obadiah ( tyre fenders on side of boat)

5 Hook Jonah

6 Cherry Micah ( cherries fall on my car)

7 Cliff face Nahum ( horse neigh on edge of cliff)

8 egg timer Habakkuk ( the cook)

9 Flag Zephaniah ( Flag with a Z on it for sleepy submission)

10 Bat and ball Haggai ( an old hag plays cricket)

11 Twin Towers Zechariah ( Z causeway between them)

12 Malachi

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