Hanging words on your house plan

Each one of us has a vast memory of images, memories, places, locations, people, things we are interested in that can be put to work. Most people say they don’t have a good memory yet they are able to recall the layout of the house they grew up in , or a journey to work or the London Underground station network! So you can hang texts and other facts on memory patterns that are secure. It is also exciting to use holidays and family gatherings or big events like a concert as pegs for text passages and poems. In this way you are ‘twice blessed’ as Shakespeare put it for you consolidate and rehearse a memory and a passage from scripture or other text.

So for example , use the layout of your home to hang the following lines putting an image into each room .Initially just take one key word from the line and put it in the room you are using as a peg

e.g. Quality street chocolates in the attic,

Dropped – drops of rain in the bathroom.

Work your way through your house logically so that you go from one room to another in sequence not chaotically around- from the top down or bottom up!

The quality of mercy is not strained

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

upon the place beneath

It is twice blest

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes

( from the Merchant of Venice Act iv)

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