Key words – an example – Psalm 77

to trigger a complete sentence memorise key words. Here is an example from Psalm 77

Key word 1 Key word 2
I cry aloud to God , CRY
aloud to God and he will hear me ALOUD
In the day of my trouble DAY
I seek the Lord SEEK

Initially learn key word 1. Peg this onto a known memory line. e.g. your house layout. Place CRY in the attic or loft. Don’t learn the second key word yet. Go on to the next key word which is DAY. Place this in another room for example a bedroom. ( perhaps open the curtains = day) . Once this is clear in your mind say the first line of each verse a few times.

Only when you have line one secure – (that might only be after a couple of days!) Add the second key word placing it in the same room e.g. In the attic you CRY ALOUD and so on.

Learn the whole of Psalm 77 in this way. Here is a pdf chart of Psalm 77 – you fill in your own key words and location. Learn as much or as little as you can.

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