Essentials :

Tools !

Note book : A5 is good – divide into columns. The verses on one side and your notes on the other. I generally use a double A5 spread. Make the note book part of your essential equipment. Writing things out by hand reinforces memory

Decide which bible translation you want to generally use for memorising .

Possibly get one that you can make notes in beside the verses e.g. Crossway single column journaling bible

Smart phone or laptop. If you prefer to go digital then use a note taking I

Perhaps get a nice pen and good pencils! I find the better the equipment the more I associate memorising with a quality experience .


Learning stuff from memory requires a commitment . It won’t just happen – life is too busy and apparently there are other priorities!

Memorising scripture needs to become part of your daily essential routine.

Exercise both physically and mentally. You are setting up a memory gym. Just as with physical exercise you will gradually get fitter.

Don’t be over ambitious. Keep the whole thing light. The more light, fun and probably short an experience the more likely your mind will associate memorising scripture as a happy and attractive experience and therefore be more successful

Learn with someone else

Generally it is easier to achieve something in a partnership with someone or in a team. Try to find someone you can do this with regularly either a friend or colleague or use the Lightwordlearning programme contact sheet to connect up with people who are seeking to achieve the same goals.

Short term goals

set yourself short term goals. e.g. Do a one month programme

This April I will learn these verses ( see lightwordlearning for suggestions )

Next month I will have a month off and do another short course in June . etc.


Learn four verses over two weeks or….

Long term goals

Gradually put together a 30 day review programme of verses that you have learnt . So you might place psalm 77 on July 1 then on July 2, 1 corinthians 13 and so on. This takes a while to achieve. So on any calendar month through the year you work your way through verses you have studied. You could call this BANK 1

The maxim – don’t use it – lose it is definitely true for memorising verses.

Once you have a one month memory bank you can aim to develop a second one of 30 verses/passages. Call this BANK 2

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