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For most of us memorising passages from the bible or other sources is not on our ‘to do’ list, or if it is, it is not a high or even middle priority. That is usually for two reasons; we’re too busy and, most of us find it difficult.

But as things grow more unstable it is even more vital we move this amazingly powerful resource onto our daily ‘essential activity’ list .

Dedicate yourself regularly to this simple task and the affects in your life are multiple and far reaching. Your focus will shift from the current media or cultural trends on to a stable narrative and truth base .

These passages become like inner jewels. They become a part of who you are, and help build, (to put it rather grandly) your moral and spiritual DNA.

It will centre what you think and therefore what you do on solid reliable truths. It becomes material out of which action is initiated as well as a deep resource for prayer. Your prayers will become ‘rooted’, as you apply passages to your own and other people’s lives and situations.

Countless authors have acknowledged how powerful memorising scripture is in their own lives, particularly in times of adversity.

Having established how important memorising Scripture is the next question is ‘how do I do it so that it is not just a painful learning “by rote” experience?’

Well, here you will find techniques that aim to fix words in fun and imaginative ways. The strategies here include hanging verses on things you already know well e.g. a car journey to work, your house layout…..or on films or books or your family tree….as well as using word associations that provide strong easily memorable images.

Most of us can learn something relatively quickly but then find it is gone just as quickly! That is true of so much we see, hear or read. The vivid techniques used on this site also provide an answer to the question ‘how can I learn verses so that I can recall them easily, perhaps months and years later? How do I get this stuff into my long term memory?’

Then you may not be sure what to memorise ? This site provides series, themes and suggestions at different levels from one verse courses to whole chapter programmes.

It is important to realise memory is a muscle that requires regular exercise and a training strategy. So perhaps set yourself a set of verses for a month, then review them on the second month and so on.

The site is regularly updated with posts, resources and practical tips as well as offering personal feedback if you would like it.

We are all different in the way we learn things. So more importantly perhaps this site will help spark your imagination and strategies.

On the site bible book study files are uploaded too if that interests you. Just for fun my series on Draw the World is also available here and musical pieces I have composed often to give a musical background to a text.